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  • Chinese Cabbage - Chini Gobhi

Chinese Cabbage - चीनी गोभी

Chinese lettuce, also known as celtuce or asparagus lettuce is one of the more foreign varieties of lettuce. Chinese lettuce is marked as sang Choy in Cantonese and sheng cai in mandarin. Translated, it denotes raw vegetable. An apt name since Chinese lettuce is frequently eaten raw. They contain long leaves, which are light green and white in color and contain a slightly bitter taste. Its leaves are spongy, unlike the crunchy leaves of iceberg lettuce. It is uplifting when eaten raw.

Shelf Life : 1 Day

Pack Type : Shrink Wrap

Benefits : Chinese cabbage contains lute in and beta-carotene which is good for the eyes. It is cooling, anti-inflammatory and aids sleep. Most importantly, it is low in calories. It comes as no surprise that it is also known as the weight loss lettuce.

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