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RSND Retail LLP (Freshfalsabzi)
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About the RSND Group

FreshFalSabzi is the brainchild of Mr. Rajesh Gupta, chairman of the illustrious RSND Group.


An innovator at heart, Mr. Gupta established and grew the RSND Group over time. The group has expansive operations in a number of spaces: finance, real estate, waste management, organic farming and now, food retail and e-commerce. The common thread in all its businesses is the use of innovation to drive change and fulfil unmet needs. Through the success of its various companies, RSND has built a stellar reputation for itself in the market. This is clearly reflected in the companies' investor strength and relations.


RSND continues to aim high under the able leadership of its founder. With a sharp focus on crafting business solutions powered by strategic problem solving and commitment to quality, RSND is poised to elevate itself to new heights. The success of FreshFalSabzi from inception to execution is the most recent example and proof point of this bright future.