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The Concept

FreshFalSabzi is a unique farm-to-fork service that provides fresh fruit and vegetables right at the customers' doorstep. Officially launched in April 2015, it hasswiftly gained a loyal consumer base in its target markets. Currently, the service is operational in neighbourhoods of South, West and North Delhi.


Now,consumers can skip the hassles of supermarket lines and traffic jams to simply get good quality, farm-fresh produce delivered at home. Fresh FalSabzi offers a wide variety of seasonal, exotic and local fruits and vegetables at the best prices. From Golden kiwi to Granny Smith apples, Dragonfruit to Dusehri mango, Rambutan to Red capsicum – we have it all! Our consumers have only to ask.


Through its special ‘Book First, Buy Later’ model, the company guarantees only the freshest fruits and vegetables, handpicked for your home. This ensures that produce needs no in-between storage and comes to the consumer in its most natural form.


FreshFalSabzi puts choice in the hands of the consumer. Whether it is the productrange, payment mode or easy-ordering, customers are now kings, shopping fromthe comfort of their homes. Our commitment remains towards excellent quality atexcellent prices so you can Eat, Feel and Live Fresh!