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  • Round Gourd - Tinda

Round gourd- टिंडा

Indian Round Gourd is also known as tinda, apple gourd and indian baby pumpkin.It is best known for being mild and soothing for the digestive system. Tinda looks similar to green apple its taste, texture and seeds are like squash. Its white fleshy material is used for cooking. Seeds of Tinda are safe to eat and often cooked along with flesh.

It contains antioxidants like carotenoids and many anti-inflammatory agents, which are effective for controlling blood pressure, heart diseases, and strokes and prevent cancer formation.It is very mild and soothing vegetable for intestinal tract. A lot of fiber helps in digestion, helps in diarrhea by increased water absorption, relieves stomach acidity, and prevents constipation. Some researches indicate that they are good food for healthy skin and hairs, its consumption result in very long and healthy hairs. It increases the urinary flow and excretes toxins from the kidney.

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